Form a team of 4 members to run a collectively of 42.195km or more anywhere. If you do not have enough team members, you can register based on the number of members you have and we will display your team name to the public for other runners to join you.

Early Bird
Standard Fee
Classic Team 4 of 4 – 42.195km
for 4 participants
for 4 participants
Classic Team 3 of 4 – 42.195km
for 3 participants
for 3 participants
Classic Team 2 of 4 – 42.195km
for 2 participants
for 2 participants
Classic Team 1 of 4 – 42.195km
for 1 participant
for 1 participant



We will send out the Mizuno Unisex Event T-Shirt before the start of the race. After the race has ended, you will receive the finisher medal within 7 to 10 working days if your team has completed the stipulated race distance. If your team is unable to complete the race, your team will not be able to receive the finisher medals. All entitlements will be delivered to your mailing address. 

Before Race

After Race & Completed

*For team whom have completed the race will also receive the digital entitlements: e-Bib, e-Certificate and e-Badge in their profile at

Mizuno Ekiden Finisher Medal

Dimension: 75mm (height) x 63mm (width) by 3mm thickness

Plating: 3D + Distance Engraving

42.195KM: Premium Antique Gold Coloured. Made with 100% recycled metal with debossed finishing. Combine 4 pieces into one grand medallion to form a grand Sakura flower

Mizuno Unisex Event T-shirt

Available in 7 sizes: 2XS, XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL
The Dry Aeroflow features:

  • Thermal Control
  • High breathability that limits formation of a film of sweat
  • Quick dry by making it easy for sweat to dry
  • Preventing excess sweating

Sizing Chart

Spacebib wants you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. We will provide a 100% one time free exchange for the Mizuno Unisex Event T-Shirt. The T-Shirt must be unused and unwashed and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging with the T-Shirt tag intact.

About the fabric

dry aeroflow

The human body utilizes sweat drying to control body temperature and remove excess heat.

However, excessive sweat causes energy loss in athletes.

Conventional clothing loses breathability when it gets wet with sweat.

It makes it hard for the sweat to dry, causing more excess sweat.

DRYAEROFLOW is a material with a unique structure that arranges threads with different properties.

By making it difficult for moisture to remain in the vents, it maintains breathability that limits formation of a film of sweat.

It spurs cooling by making it easy for sweat to dry, thus preventing excess sweating.

Preventing excess sweating prevents energy loss in athletes.

Understanding sweat will make you stronger.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you are eager to start running but you are required to run and submit your race results within the race period stated only. Early and late submissions are not accepted.

Yes, of course! You can complete your runs/walks on a treadmill. Please take a photo of your treadmill dashboard with the following information:
1. Distance (in KM)
2. Timing
3. Date (optional)

Yes, as long as you can track your run, walk or hike with a GPS-based app. Do note that, cycling and rollerblading or using any mobility devices is strongly prohibited.

All GPS-based apps, fitness devices and indoor treadmills are accepted. As long as your result screenshot can show the date, distance and timing duration of your activity, it’s accepted.

You will be able to submit your result once the race period opens.

Please log in to your Spacebib account. Head over to “My Participation” tab, click on it and you will see your registered event.

Click on the manage button to open up the event details. You will see an “Add Result” button, click on it and follow the instruction to upload your the screenshot of your result.

Once you have completed the race/challenge, a message will be shown.

You can choose to run as many kilometers as you like. Each team member is required to run at least a minimum of 5km.

If you do not have a full team of 4 members, you can join any available public team listed on our team page. Head over to “Join a team” tab on the registration page to see a list of available teams. Choose the team that you like to join and proceed to sign up. Once you have joined a public team, you will not be able to switch a team.

You will need to complete the full distance for your category in order to receive the finisher entitlements. You will still receive your event entitlements such as Mizuno Ekiden Unisex Event T-Shirt and e-bib if you signed up for the classic or premium category.

No. Once you have choose and join another team, you will not be allowed to change the team.

No. We only ship to an address in Singapore for this online race. Shipping is free.

Everyone with a Singapore mailing address is welcome to join this online race and run anywhere, anytime at their own pace during the event period.

Not necessarily. You can choose to complete the challenge in multiple accumulation or in a single run/walk on any day during the event period.

As this is an online race, there is no need for you to meet up with your teammates to run together. Each of you can run individually at your preferred place anytime you would like and submit your results in your own profile which will then be calculated collectively.

The fastest teams will win the prizes. Only teams who use our iOS tracker or sync using Strava will be eligible for the prizes.

Still have questions? Feel free to get in touch with us at